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KMotion_dotNet Namespace

Primary Namespace for all Dynomotion .net objects Manipulate IO, Command single axis movement, issue coordinated motion profiles and interpret RS274(G-code) The Dynomotion devices are truly amazing and versatile
Public classDM_Compiler_Exception Special Dynomotion Compiler Error Exception
Public classDM_Disconnected_Exception Special Dynomotion Board Disconnected Exception
Public classDM_Firmware_Exception Special Dynomotion KmotionServer Error Exception
Public classDM_USB_Exception Special Dynomotion USB Error Exception
Public classDMException Exception class for handling specific exceptions
Public classHexEncoding Helper class for working with hex-binary stack objects
Public classKM_Axis Axis class for KM_Controller Use to control a single axis channel The axis channel can be configured via a c program and the KM_Controller or Use the configuration methods to set the desired parameters
Public classKM_AxisKM_Axis_HomingParams Multiple parameters to describe the homing sequence for the axis so that a proper sequence can be auto-generated in some circumstances. (This has not been fully implemented)
Public classKM_AxisKM_Axis_TuningParams KFLOP Axis Channel parameters for Tuning and motion profiles
Public classKM_AxisGroup KM_Controller Object for grouping Axis channels
Public classKM_Controller This is the primary object for interfacing with a Dynomotion product in code You can think of this object as representing the board and an access point for features of the hardware There should only be one KM_Controller object per board, per application domain at any given time To set project to update the GAC: "$(FrameworkSdkDir)\bin\gacutil.exe" /i "$(TargetPath)" /f
Public classKM_CoordMotion Coordinated Motion class representing the CoordMotion.cpp object from the C++ Dynotion Code Use to directly control multiple axis motion Notably:: Straight Traverse Straight Feed Arc Feed
Public classKM_Interpreter Interpreter class representing the GCodeInterpreter.cpp object from the C++ Dynotion Code Use to control multiple axis motion from the NIST RS274 Interpreter
Public classKM_InterpreterKM_Interpreter_SetupParams Direct settings access for the EMC internal settings Warning, use at own risk Make sure to examine the Interpreter.cpp and related files to ensure you are aware of the reprecutions when using these parameters
Public classKM_IO IO class for KM_Controller Use to control a single point(bit) of IO Currently supported IO: Digital Input, Digital Output
Public classKM_MotionParams Trajectory Planner Motion Parameter Settings
Public classStatusConsts Defines form PC-DSP.h defining number of available devices
Public structureKM_MainStatus Bulk status record uploaded from KFLOP
Public structureKM_MainStatusRaw This structure matches exactly the binary form as the Kogna/KFLOP MAIN_STATUS Structure so it can be uploaded as a binary image.
Public delegateKM_CoordMotionArcFeedHandler Delegate reperesenting the KM_dotNet_Interop netARC_FEED_CALLBACK Function Pointer
Public delegateKM_CoordMotionArcFeedSixAxisHandler Delegate reperesenting the KM_dotNet_Interop netARC_FEED_CALLBACK Function Pointer
Public delegateKM_CoordMotionStraightFeedHandler Delegate reperesenting the KM_dotNet_Interop netSTRAIGHT_FEED_CALLBACK Function Pointer
Public delegateKM_CoordMotionStraightFeedSixAxisHandler Delegate reperesenting the KM_dotNet_Interop netSTRAIGHT_FEED_SIX_AXIS_CALLBACK Function Pointer
Public delegateKM_CoordMotionStraightTraverseHandler Delegate reperesenting the KM_dotNet_Interop netSTRAIGHT_TRAVERSE_CALLBACK Function Pointer
Public delegateKM_CoordMotionStraightTraverseSixAxisHandler Delegate reperesenting the KM_dotNet_Interop netSTRAIGHT_TRAVERSE_SIX_AXIS_CALLBACK Function Pointer
Public delegateKM_InterpreterKM_GCodeInterpreterCompleteHandler Delegate reperesenting the KM_dotNet_Interop netG_COMPLETE_CALLBACK Function Pointer
Public delegateKM_InterpreterKM_GCodeInterpreterStatusHandler Delegate reperesenting the KM_dotNet_Interop netG_STATUS_CALLBACK Function Pointer
Public delegateKM_InterpreterKM_GCodeInterpreterUserCallbackHandler Delegate reperesenting the KM_dotNet_Interop netG_USER_CALLBACK Function Pointer
Public delegateKM_InterpreterKM_GCodeInterpreterUserMcodeCallbackHandler Delegate reperesenting the KM_dotNet_Interop netG_USER_MCODE_CALLBACK Function Pointer
Public delegateKMConsoleHandler Callback delegate for KM_Controller returns
Public delegateKMErrorHandler callback for low level KMotion error messages
Public delegateTraverseCompletedHandler Delegate that gets fired off on an async Straight Traverse return call
Public enumerationBOARD_TYPE Type of Board Currently KFLOP or Kogna
Used where the Controllers Capabilities differ
Public enumerationCANON_AXIS Canon Axis
Public enumerationCANON_DIRECTION Spindle Direction
Public enumerationCANON_FEED_REFERENCE Feed reference
The meaning of feed rate changes depending on the feed reference mode
Public enumerationCANON_MOTION_MODE Motion profile for contouring
Public enumerationCANON_PLANE Represents the axis pair for executing arc segments
This enum can be parsed to the NIST enums
Public enumerationCANON_SIDE Canon Comp Side
Defines the tool offset direction
Public enumerationCANON_SPEED_FEED_MODE Feed synchronization mode
Public enumerationCANON_UNITS Units used by the g code file
The RS274 interpreter will translate these to inches relative to the CPI parameters in struct MotionParam
Public enumerationDISTANCE_MODE Distance Mode
Defines how coordinates are interpreted
Public enumerationHOMING_DIRECTION direction factor for homing
Public enumerationHOMING_ROUTINE_SOURCE_TYPE Method to be used for creating a home sequence
Public enumerationHOMING_STATE enum for homing state
Public enumerationHOMING_TYPE enum for homing types
Public enumerationIO_TYPE IO Types
Defines the direction of IO

Currently only digital inputs and digital outputs are supported

Public enumerationKMOTION_CHECK_READY KMotion CheckReady Return Codes
Public enumerationKMOTION_TOKEN KMotionLocked Return Codes
Public enumerationMCODE_TYPE Possible M Code Action Types
Public enumerationPREV_STOP_TYPE Possible Previously Stopping Types after an Interpreter Halt
Public enumerationRETRACT_MODE Retract Mode
Used for canned cycles