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MCODE_TYPE Enumeration

Possible M Code Action Types

Namespace:  KMotion_dotNet
Assembly:  KMotion_dotNet (in KMotion_dotNet.dll) Version: (
public enum MCODE_TYPE
  Member nameValueDescription
M_Action_None0 do nothing
M_Action_Setbit1 Set a bit high or low
M_Action_SetTwoBits2 Set two bits either high or low
M_Action_DAC3 output a value to a DAC
M_Action_Program4 run a KMotion User C program
M_Action_Program_wait5 run a KMotion User C program wait til finished
M_Action_Program_wait_sync6 run a KMotion User C program wait til finished, resync positions
M_Action_Program_PC7 run a Windows program wait til finished
M_Action_Callback8 Callback to the User Application
M_Action_Waitbit9 Wait/Hold until a bit is high or low
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