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Kogna: 16-Axis, DSP/FPGA-based Motion Controller

Dynomotion's Kogna card combines a 2.7 GFLOP DSP (TMS320C6748), FPGA, Ethernet, USB, and a PC-based development environment to create a versatile and programmable motion solution. Designed for up to 16-axes control, Kogna provides advanced control for torque, speed, and position for any mix of stepper, DC brushless, and DC brush motors. Kogna uses flash memory to store and run multiple-thread compiled C code on a 2.7 GFLOP processor with native 64-bit floating point support for stand-alone operation. A PC connected with an Ethernet cable can be used for control and monitoring.

The included PC-based integrated development environment combines configuration, status, programming, and advanced diagnostic and tuning tools such as Bode plots and signal filtering. GCode support allows coordinated moves between axes. Libraries for controlling the Kogna card via many languages - Visual C++, Visual C#, .NET etc. are included, as well as a free C compiler. Thread-safe operation allows the IDE to be used in conjunction with a user application for control and debugging.

The Kogna packs a lot of IO into its 5.0 x 3.5 in package. Kogna offers 130 I/O bits, shared between dedicated IO and user-defined I/O. In addition analog inputs and outputs.

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