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KFLOP Hardware and Software Specification


Parameter Specification
CPU TMS320C67-200MHz DSP 1.2 GFLOP
Memory 32/64-Bit Native Floating Point
SDRAM 16 Mbytes
Host USB 2.0 Full Speed
I/O General Purpose 26 pin Header
I/O Com 8 pin RJ45
Aux#0 IO 16 pin Header
Aux#1 IO 16 pin Header
USB Type B
System Power Molex 4-pin (Disk drive type)
Servo Loop
Sample Rate 90µs
Compensation PID + (3) IIR bi-quad Stages/Axis
Feed Forward Acceleration + Velocity
Number 8
Type MicroStep/Servo/Brush/Brushless
Logic Supply
Voltage +5V ±10%
Max Current 2.5 A
Typical Current 0.35 A
User I/O
Digital 46 Gen Purpose LVTTL (24 are 5V Tolerant)
Encoders (8)  single-ended, 1 MHz
PWM (8) 60KHz or prescaled by 1-256
Operating Temperature 0-40º C
Storage Temperature 0-40º C
Humidity 20-90% Relative Humidity, non-condensing
Length 3.5 inches (89 mm)
Width 5.0 inches (127 mm)
Height 0.75 inches (19 mm)


Parameter Specification
User Programs
Language C
Number concurrent 7
Stand alone mode Yes
Host Requirements
OS MS Windows™ 7 through 11
Interface USB 2.0
Interface Library
Multi-Thread Yes
Multi-Process Yes
Multi-Board Yes
MS Windows™ VC++ Supported
MS Windows™ VB Supported
MS Windows™ C# Supported
MS Windows™ .NET Supported
C Compiler
TCC67 Included
G Code
Interpreter Included
Script Language
ASCII Commands Included
Trajectory Planner
Coordinated Motion 6 Axis
Executive Application
Configuration Upload/Download/Save/Load Motor Config
Tuning Move/Step Response, Bode Plot, Calc Filters
User Programs Integrated IDE - Edit/Compile/Download/Exec
G Code Integrated
Command Console ASCII Command Entry - Log Console
Status Display Axis/Analog/Digital