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Program Screen

The C Program Screen allows the user to edit C language programs, compile, link, download, and run them within the KMotion board. C programs executing within the KMotion board have direct access to all the Motion, I/O, and other miscellaneous functions incorporated into KMotion System.

One of the most powerful features of the KMotion system is the ability for a user to compile and download native DSP programs and have them run in real time. Native DSP code runs faster than interpreted code. The TMS320C67x DSP that powers the KMotion system has hardware support for both 32 bit and 64 bit floating point math. Multiple threads (programs) may execute simultaneously (up to 7). The integrated C compiler allows with a single pushbutton Push button / to save, compile, link, download, and execute all within a fraction of a second. After programs have been developed and tested they may be flashed into memory and run stand alone with no host connection.

Other features of the C Program Screen include a rich text editor with syntax highlighting, keyword drop down lists, and function tips.

Right-mouse clicking brings up the context menu (undo/redo, find/replace with regular expressions, code validator and code beautifier).

Information about the TI Compiler.

See list on the left side for available constants and functions.

For a more details on the functions, see the KMotionDef.h header file. This file is normally included into a user program so that all accessible base functions and data structures are defined.

See PC-DSP.h for common definitions between the PC host and KMotion DSP.