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Tool Setup Screen - M100 - M119

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The Tool Setup Screen allows KMotionCNC to be configured for a particular machine tool. Each machine tool is likely to have different motion resolution, speeds, and acceleration limits. It is also likely to different I/O requirements with regard to Spindle control and such. Additionally a machine may have different initialization and homing requirements. KMotionCNC has a flexible mechanism for defining what type of action is to be performed for various M Codes and Custom Buttons.

G Code Actions M100-M119

This Tool Setup Screen Tab allows the user to define up to 20 custom general purpose M codes that can be used to change IO bits, or execute User C programs, or execute Windows Programs. The action to be performed is defined in a similar manner as the GCode Actions M3-M9 however parameters may also be passed from GCode to a KFLOP/Kogna User C Program. See also MCodes with Parameters.