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G Code Viewer Screen

GCode Viewer screen

The G Code Viewer Screen displays the 3D motions of the machine tool as a GCode program is executing. To Display an entire G Code Program quickly without any physical motion of the machine tool, select Simulate on the main KMotionCNC Screen and execute the program. Linear and Circular Feed Motions (G1, G2, G3) are displayed as green paths. Rapid Motions (G0) are displayed as red lines. Note that the cursors slows after three seconds and switches to fine resolution mode for added accuracy.

Click and drag the left mouse button to translate up/down/left/right.

Click and drag the right mouse button to translate closer or farther.

Click and drag both mouse buttons to rotate.

Use the scrolllwheel to zoom.

Top/Side/Front Views

Top Side Front Views

Use these buttons to view directly from the Top, Side, or Front respectively. The camera is positioned at a distance away to view the entire box extents or current path extents whichever is greatest.

Launching Toggle button

This is a latching toggle button. When latched down rotation is in the x y plane about the z axis. When unlatched, rotation is up/down/left/right.

Clear all paths

Clears all path vectors. As a G Code Program executes motion paths are are saved and displayed. Pushing this button clears all vectors from the internal buffer. All path vectors are also automatically cleared when the first line of a G Code program executes.

Show Axis box tool

These are three latching toggle buttons which determine whether the Axis, Box, or Tool Shapes respectively are to be displayed. When latched down the item is displayed. When latched up the item is hidden. The size and shape of these items may be changed on the G Viewer Setup Screen.

Ortho buttob

This button allows users to view the screen without 3D perspective. You can toggle between orthographic and perspective view. Note how in orthographic view the position of the cursor is visible in the title bar of your window:

Ortho title bar

Show viewer setup

This button brings up the G Viewer Setup Screen which allows some customization of the G Code Viewer Screen.