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4. EMC Download Page


You will find the most recent releases of the EMC on in the EMC download area. The current releases of the EMC include a set of four files made by executing the packup file in the base directory. On my machines this is /usr/local/nist*. This command creates a master tar file that includes emc - the date of the packup - .tgz The current size of this file is around 3.5 to 4 meg.

There are three files that contain the same release but are broken into floppy sized chunks. These are indicated by the same release date but use .aaa .aab .aac. You can download these directly to an msdos floppy and put them together on your linux machine using Ray Henry's description below.

The last file to be included in the build is the .txt file which includes information about the release.


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