GCode for non-gantry applications

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GCode for non-gantry applications

Post by 13jc110 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 4:37 pm

We are currently using the Kflop controller with two Ksteps to control an 8 axis cable driven parallel robot. All 8 motors have cables that attach to different contact points of a central moving plaftorm that can be moved around in 3D space. Originally we have been giving the robot 8 axis custom made G-Code in the format of XYZABCUV to control all 8 motors independently. Now we want to operate the robot using proper XYZ cartesian coordinate G-Code which controls all 8 motors together. I was wondering if it is possible to add inverse kinematics to allow for this to happen or if we can modify the cartesian coordinate G-Code and convert in real time to XYZABCUV commands?

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Re: GCode for non-gantry applications

Post by TomKerekes » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:21 pm

Hi 13jc110,

That should be possible. See our wiki page on kinematics.

Have you seen our cable driven parallel robot Geppetto which executes standard XYZABC GCode:

Here is an example running standard 3D Printer Slicer XYZ GCode with the U axis controlling the extruder:

We would love to see a photo or video of your system. With 8 motors it would seem your system is overly constrained which might be an additional challenge. Do 6 of the motors completely define the pose?

Tom Kerekes
Dynomotion, Inc.

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